Klein Machining Barreled Upper Complete


  • Developed with One Shepherd and clients like you.
  • 24″ chrome lined, parkerized, threaded bull barrel (.936″ gas block) chambered in 5.56 NATO 1 in 9 Twist.
  • Inconel Gas Tube
  • M-Lok free float handguard – handguard length varies with bipod type.
  • Bipod types available are RPK only (M60- Sold out) and (AUG – Sold out)
  • Custom barrel lengths and configurations available (Contact us directly)
  • BCG and charging handle not included
  • Choose Bipod type, Barrel Length, and Gas block retention type below
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Barrel length:

The 24 Inch barrel has debatably more muzzle velocity depending on ammunition than the 20″ but a big thing you’re gaining with the 24″ is more leverage over the muzzle for enhanced control. Since the bipod is mounted on the very end of the barrel you will have a larger moment arm, which should shrink your cone of fire and give you more control for shifting/sweeping your fires.

The 20” is going to be handier, lighter and work with blanks more reliably with standard BFAs

Bipod Selection:

AUG bipod with hardware is 1.072 LBS light, height adjustable, low profile. Manipulation is similar to M60 Bipod. In exchange for its light weight, its all-aluminum construction is the least robust. It also requires a 24″ barrel because the bipod needs an exposed barrel section to be folded up along its length.

RPK bipod with hardware is 1.116 LBS This bipod is simple, sturdy and pretty light, and fast to manipulate. It absolutely requires a slim handguard and requires a barrel length of at least 19″ so you will have room to rest on the handguard with the bipod folded up.

M60 bipod with hardware is 2.158 LBS heavy, height adjustable, robust. This one gives you the widest options for hand guards and barrel lengths.


Additional information

Weight 114.4 oz
Dimensions 35 × 4 × 4 in
Bipod Style

M60, Aug, RPK


18", 20", 24"

Gas Block Retention

Gas Block Set Screw Retention, Gas Block Drilled and Pinned


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